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I am Jihanne, mum of 2, Certified Personal Trainer, weight management and Life Coach. I believe in a lifestyle and practices that allow our body, mind and soul to be at their best. I have been working on those 3 essential aspects of myself for years, perfecting my workout techniques, nutrition knowledge and personal/spiritual development.

My main motivation is to help mothers and women around the world, using fitness as a starting point, to feel their best, sharing what I have learnt along my journey. I don't want women to think that because they have children, their body is ruined, they will not find the time for themselves or will not be able to accomplish their dreams.


Because I believe that being fit is not just about looking good, but more about (re)gaining confidence in yourself, feeling stronger and being a role model for our children, I am dedicated to coach women to reach their fitness AND life goals by becoming the best version of themselves.  


The Ji Method Coaching Programs have been specifically designed for women like you, who are looking for a way to be more fit and healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, while managing their mother's life, career and woman's life, all at the same time.

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