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Most of the time, we want to find the right person. What if we were focusing on BEING the right person? We want authentic and real relationships, then let's be real and authentic. We want someone fit, who eats well and pays attention to the way he/ she looks. Then let's eat well, be fit and look after ourselves. We want someone mentally strong, then let's work on ourselves to be stronger, invest time (and sometimes money) in personal and spiritual development.

Some might say: "But I have always been a good person and I keep on having bad, disrespectful or even toxic partners." This is because you need to learn a lesson from those relationships that you have still not learnt. The Universe (God, the Source or whatever you call it) is not against you, it just sends you what you need to become the next version of yourself. As long as you do not understand the lesson, you will receive and re-live the same type of situations or partners until you get it and start changing YOURSELF!!

It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you, it is like in a video game, it just means that you need to pass a level in order to get to the next one (in this case, the next version of yourself).

What if we do not simply find anyone that we feel is on the same page as us? Maybe we need more work, maybe this is not the right time, maybe we still need to go through some phases before it happens. The key to me is to TRUST the process, trust that everything is just perfect the way it is for now, that as humans we cannot have a general view of the situation and that everything is going to be all right and the way it should be.

The reality is, we do not attract what we want, we attract what we are. If you are not happy with the type of person you attract, have the strength and the courage to look within to see what you could improve or change in your life. Do the work: face your fears and the dark sides of yourself, learn self love and self respect, accept that we are all constantly changing, evolving, improving and that the key is just to go with the flow. The right person will come when you are aligned with yourself, in your truth and act accordingly.

And you, what do you think?

Light and Peace,

Jihanne xxx

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