Updated: Jan 7, 2021

What is the difference? Most people never respect their new year's resolutions!!

Resolutions are too "weak", too far from who you are, too easy to make, so we don't follow through. When you make a decision, you put skin in the game, it forces you to give it all to make it happen. You make a decision because you feel ready, maybe a bit scared but ready, aligned, walking in your purpose.

So what are 10 decisions that you make for 2021?? Write them down and read them everyday!

Here are mine (only 10 but I have more), I share them to make myself accountable and make sure I will do what it takes to achieve those goals.

  1. To be unapologetically myself, follow my guts and intuition, even and even more when no one understands and everything seems to be against me.

  2. Grow my instagram followers to 50K!! I know that's a lot but aim for the moon and if you miss, you will still end up in the stars, which is ok for me too ;)

  3. Write, write, write!! Anything... many more articles here in my blog, a book (this is one of my dreams and I procrastinate too much on that one), more poems. I am thinking of starting a newsletter too to write about my daily thoughts. I love writing, it makes me feel good so I should definitely dedicate more time to it.

  4. Do more lives on instagram, including workouts but not only! Share more about personal development, spirituality, energy, cooking and healthy recipes (as I used to) or anything else I feel like to or that my followers ask for.

  5. Become a certified Personal Trainer. For the ones who don't know, I have learnt a lot about fitness during my personal fitness journey but never got qualified as a PT. I am qualified as a nutrition and weight management adviser though.

  6. Developing and exploring more of my wild side, the wild woman in me. Being more connected to the Universe, my spiritual side, my intuition, humans and nature. I have started a big work on myself about 3 years ago but it is a never ending process and I intend to go deeper into it.

  7. Explore more my sexuality, get more intense pleasure, link the sacred and spiritual part of sex to the mechanical and animal one. Since I was very young, I have always thought and felt that sex was much more than a physical act. I am at a stage in my life where I know myself and feel confident enough with my body to explore, experience new and unexpected worlds.

  8. Keep dancing, and even more. Dancing is my whole life! So I dance, a lot!!! It makes me feel alive and profound joy and happiness. It has always been a way to express myself, release stress and tensions, get me in a good mood no matter what, as long as I remember.

  9. If they let me... Travel again as I used to!! I stopped after the birth of Gael-Hakeem and I miss it soooo much. So 1 to 2 trips this year would do!!

  10. Do everything that I do 100%: work, relationships, work on myself, as a mother, a woman, a coach. What I mean by that is to be present in everything that I do and live it 100%.

What about you?? Make your list and feel free to share some or all of your 2021 DECISIONS with me, I would be very happy to read them.

A very happy new year 2021 to you,

Light and Peace,


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