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8 Weeks

Weight Management Program

Did you know that your fitness is 75% about nutrition and 25% about exercise?

Many mothers focus on the exercise part when they want to make changes to their health and bodies. They forget the most important one, nutrition, because they don't know where to start or think it is too complicated or difficult!!

This is why I have created the 8 Weeks Weight Management Program, especially designed for mums like you, who want to improve their eating choices for themselves and the whole family.

In this course, you will:

. Learn real nutrition tips for women and children. Use your new skills to improve the eating habits of the whole family and make it last a lifetime.

. Identify your existing eating habits or patterns and find ways to change them.


Small Groups: 8 mums maximum​.

. Weekly live online learning sessions in the comfort of your own home: you can be in the sessions with your baby/ children. Easy access from your smartphone or computer.

. Be part of a Community: a 24/ 7 access to a community of mums like you, who want to gain healthier eating/ lifestyle habits for themselves and their families.

. Accountability: we are all here to empower and push each other

to reach our goals. You do not have to do this alone.

. Look and feel stronger, sexier and happier. 

£200 for the first 5 mums to enrol in each class.

£250 after.

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